Waterproofing Areas

There are six main areas of waterproofing:

Internal Wet Area waterproofing

Waterproofing Systems

The type of waterproofing system selected is based on the requirements of the project to meet product suitability, specifications and compatibility with other materials. There are three board types of Systems that are based on the flexibility of the membrane which are Rigid, Flexible or Elastomeric.

These Systems are broken down to multiple sub systems with difference advantages and disadvantages to each type.

Tips for Owner builders with Waterproofing of new / renovated wet areas

Sale representatives, magazines, TV shows and Manufacturers all mention or display how good this will looks in your room, that’s there job to sell you their product or more of it. As a tradesman my job is to make sure it works correctly and it looks good in that order.

If I now say to you that to make that wet area room correct you now need more work and materials to meet Australian standards based on your plans it could cost $2000 more than planned for waterproofing, tiles and shower screens due to your plans you might want to re consider.

To avoid these pitfalls problems just seek waterproof advice early and consider these few questions:


If you plan to have one or more of the following:

There is pre - planning is required prior to drawing plans or laying floor frames is recommended. Wet area flooring may need to lower to lower height at doorway.


If you plan to have no hob, step down shower, grated strip drain, wheelchair / shower chair assess, open / walk in shower (no shower Screen) Frameless shower screen ( no metal on bottom where meets floor tiles) etc. Pre- Planning is required prior to laying floors is recommended. Floor may need a run down to drain prior to waterproofing.

In mobility impaired bathroom or a bathroom without a shower screen installed, the floor substrate should have a 1:60 minimum fall to the floor waste prior waterproofing.


If you plan to have shower over a bathtub, into a bath or a freestanding bath than planning is required prior to installing the bathtub is recommended. Under the bathtub may need to be waterproofed prior to installing bathtub.

Internal Wet Area waterproofing – leaking showers


If your shower is leaking the first step is to investigate where and why and what damaged has happened. This is done by flood testing with water from another source.

We will check for leaking pipes under pressure, faulty shower screens, pipes leaking between tap and outlet, free water leaking past taps to confirm it is the membrane failing before we start the messy costly removal of tiles.

Based on 30 years of experience to find simple thing a loose tap spindle, leaking o ring, nail in a pipe that rusted, cracked pipe thread, shower screen position and componites , water drain and outlet leaking it could be a simple as DIY owner buy a 10 cent O ring. If we find these simple problems I tell you and you could save thousands in repairs not required.